Kaya Holding, which was established in 1974 by Burhanettin Kaya, is undertaking activities in fields of construction, tourism, finance, oil, energy and beverages with its 8 companies and more than 2500 employees. Kaya Holding group companies, which have specialized in their own fields, are directly or indirectly getting into contact with thousands of customers around the world and providing services for global markets as well as local markets especially in tourism and construction businesses.

Young in power are investing in the future of Turkey.

Kaya Holding Corporation continuing to work for the future of Turkey and growing thanks to its supplementary policies of entrepreneurship and quality services continues to invest in projects of drinking water and energy sector. Kaya Holding Corporation with its structure of power and integrity adopts the mission of being “the best” adding new success stories to its history of accomplishments in different sectors.

Kaya Construction the architect of the future

Kaya Construction founded in 1974 was the first Kaya Company, a building block of Kaya Group of Companies. The company’s experience in big projects such as hotels, holiday villages, residences, business centers and shopping malls and its accomplishments in contractor deals made with private or public sectors have ensured its repute as a company specialized in its sector.

4 Seasons Holiday Fun Kaya Hotels & Resorts

Tourism is a business Kaya Holding invests with priority. Kaya Hotels & Resorts is a vital part of Turkish tourism as well as being a vital part of Kaya Holding with its unmatched projects it has realized.

Abant Spring Water; Delicious and High Quality

Kaya Holding being a pioneer in every business area it has entered has founded Abant spring water facilities with the use of 30 years of experience and integrity as a company. The trademark with well-balanced mineral content and soft flavor has attained a solid status in its sector.

Abant Water Glass Bottled

Purity of spring water collected from Abant Nature Park is further guaranteed with glass bottles.

Kaya Air & Kaya Hangar

Kaya Air is providing services with Hawker 850 XP in its domestic and international operations. Kaya Hangar was built on a construction area of 1,500 meter square in Istanbul Atatürk Airport General Aeronautics Terminal west apron’s special hangars field.

Kaya Millennium Business Center

This business center was built by Kaya Construction Company with the use of high technology and cutting edge construction techniques. Kaya Millennium is built on an area of 35.000-meter squares with a four-storey shopping mall of 1,500-meter squares and two-storey parking lot with two towers in the high technology equipped business center of 5,000-meter squares.

Companies belonging to Kaya Holding

  • Burhanettin Kaya Holding A.Ş.
  • Kaya Turistik Tesisleri Titreyengöl Otelcilik A.Ş.
  • Kaya İnşaat Ticaret Turizm Ltd.Şti
  • Burhanettin Kaya Elektrik Üretim A.Ş.
  • Burhanettin Kaya Döviz ve Altın Ticareti A.Ş.
  • Burhanettin Kaya Havacılık ve Ticaret A.Ş.
  • KGT Kaya Gıda Tüketim A.Ş
  • KGT Kaya Global Ticaret Makine ve Sanayi Ltd.

Fields of activities of Kaya Holding

  • Kaya Construction
  • Kaya Hotels & Resorts
  • Kaya Side - Antalya
  • DorukKaya Ski & Mountain Resort - Bolu
  • Green Park - Bolu
  • Kaya Belek – Antalya
  • Kaya İstanbul Fair & Convention - Istanbul
  • Kaya Artemis Resort - North Cyprus
  • Kaya Palazzo Golf Club – Antalya
  • Kaya İzmir Thermal & Convention – İzmir
  • Kaya Palazzo Ski & Mountain Resort – Bolu
  • Kaya Palazzo Golf Resort – Antalya
  • Kaya Bursa – At the stage of project
  • Kaya Millennium Business Center - Istanbul
  • Abant Spring Water– Bolu
  • Kaya Air & Kaya Hangar – Istanbul
  • B.Kaya Power Station– Ankara
  • B.Kaya Foreign Currency and Gold Exchange– Ankara
  • DorukKaya Oil- Bolu

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