Kaya Palazzo Golf Club, an indispensable address of golf lovers over an area of 650,000-meter squares in pine forests of Antalya Belek designed by David Jones, one of the most prestigious golf field architects of Britain, provides the fun of golf to visitors in the wonderful nature of Aegean region with its field of 18 holes.

Turkey’s only accredited golf field by Turkey Foot golf Association is in Belek. 

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11-13 March 2016 Europe Foot Golf Tour – Turkish Airways Open Tournament 2016
3-4 September 2016 Mustafa V. Koç Remembrance Tournament
30 September-2 October 2016 TGF Turkey Golf Tour A Class 10. Step Final Tournament
11-13 November 2016 TFGD Foot Golf Turkey Cup 2016
26 November-3 December 2016 Kaya Palazzo Sweden Golf Series Final Tournament
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